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  • Facts about Black Students

Facts about Black Students

Did You Know?

Black elementary school students total 16%, yet make up only 9% of students in gifted and talented programs?

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Black kid do colouring book

Did You Know?

Black high school students total 15%, yet consist of only 9% of students enrolled in an Advanced Placement (AP) class?

Did You Know?

Nearly 225,000 Black and Latin students are missing out on AP courses that would help place them on a path achieving opportunities in a science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) related field?

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Did You Know?

40% of elementary and high school students of color want to take STEM courses and attend college, yet less than 3% of them actually enroll in AP STEM classes?

Did You Know?

The underrepresentation of specifically “Black students in gifted and talented programs, . . . , has barely budged since 1993?”

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