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Young STEM Activist Says United Airlines Accommodated Bigot’s Request Not To Sit Next To Her Because She’s Black

“I was so unbothered. It was his loss,” Taylor Richardson said of the incident in a tweet.

Before a flight departed in the friendly skies, things turned sour after a Black teenager alleged that a man refused to sit next to her because she was Black.

Taylor Richardson, an esteemed STEM advocate and teenager from Jacksonville, Florida, detailed the incident on Twitter after her return flight home from Denver, Colorado. According to the 16-year-old, United Airlines accommodated the man’s request to be moved to another seat after telling a flight attendant he did not want to sit next to the teenager because she’s Black.

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After receiving an outpouring of suport from people on Twitter, Richardson added, “He was not loud just in normal tone asked to be moved. At first, I didn’t even know why then he was like I don’t want to sit next [to] her bc she is [Black.]”

Following her initial post, a representative from United Airlines reached out to Richardson, asking that she provide more detail about the incident in a private message. Though the rep apologized for the teenager’s ordeal, there is no word if further action will be taken.

In response to one Twitter user’s reaction to her calm demeanor during the incident, Richardson tweeted, “I was so unbothered. It was his loss. If I would have made a scene or got loud it could have maybe went differently. So I chilled. Too much going in the world right now. My life means more.”

She was damn skippy about there being too much going on to let a bigot consume her energy. Ms. Richardson has far better things to do.

She’s currently featured in a documentary about girls in STEM titled Fly Like A Girl.

In 2017, Richardson raised $50,000 to hold screenings of Hidden Figures for young girls as Blavity previously reported. She even met Oprah after raising the money, who then matched her fundraising figure.

In September, a mural in her hometown of Jacksonville was even dedicated to Richardson.

This United Airlines incident comes days after producer and rapper claimed that a Qantas flight attendant was being racist and rude toward him after she called the police on him while onboard a plane.

On Sunday, Richardson tweeted her support for the rapper.

According to CNN, the airline is willing to pursue legal action in defense of the attendant if the rapper does not retract his statement.

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