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White woman throws dog at Black man during rant in California

A California woman threw a dog at a man during a confrontation that was captured on video. On Oct. 9th Twitter user @Mulaflare, tweeted a video with the caption “Idk what’s goin on but I got a new dog.”

The Twitter user has been later identified as rapper, Glo Mula, having a encounter with a white woman who tried to hit him, before throwing her dog at towards him. The video starts with Glo Mula asking the woman “Why you holding the dog like that?” She keeps walking toward the rapper while rambling. He responds, “Bro, you got me in the middle of the street.”

In the video the woman seems to be on drugs and she tried to strike Glo Mula several times as he tried to get in his car. Later in the video the woman mentions “the mafia” and “the military of the United States of America,” she also tells Glo Mula, “You’re Black.”

“What did you just say?” Glo Mula said. “I said you’re Black,” the woman reiterates. “So what, so what if I’m f—ing Black?” Glo Mula asks. The woman then spits on the ground and says, “So what if I’m f—ing white?”

“I didn’t say nothing about race, you racist b—h,” Glo Mula responds. “You’re the one that brought up f—ing race.”

The woman asks him where he’s from, mentions the Illuminati and tries to kick him. Glo Mula, who has been laughing off and on throughout, asks her who she is and she replies, “I don’t have an identity.”

The woman walks away, but turns back and says “really wants to be worth more than a Mercedes.” He responds asking, “Is that your dog?” and she throws the dog at him. The dog lands on its back and runs to Glo Mula. He proceeds to pick up the dog and tells the woman to “get the f—k out of here.”

The woman tries to get the dog back, but Glo Mula tells her, “Whoa, back up. This not your f—ing dog. This not your dog no more, I got video of everything. … You going to jail.”

The woman finally admitted that she has mental health issues, but he still decided to take the dog with him.

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