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Voiceover Veteran, Dane Reid, Offers Profound, Resonant and Real African American Voice Talent to Millions of Listeners

Atlanta, GA  Dane Reid Media is a premier source for outstanding African American voiceovers that reach millions of listeners worldwide. Principal voice act, Dane Reid’s baritone vocals make an impact via various platforms. With almost 20 years of professional experience, there is never a time of the day that someone is not hearing his distinct tone. Reid has produced or been featured on close to 10K projects.

His repertoire includes voiceovers for radio ads, political campaigns, internal company narrations, local and national awards show announcer, radio imaging, podcast show intros, audiobooks, instructional videos, TV promos, documentaries and more. Known for being a Swiss Army knife of the urban voiceover industry, he is able to portray various races, ethnicities, dialects and styles, across multiple genres.

“I internalize every voiceover role that I get. Each one contains a part of who I am. So when a client hires a voiceover from Dane Reid, they get Dane Reid with it,” Reid shares. “And I’m a winner, so I want to see my clients win. That means effectively communicating with them to learn as much about their product and needs as possible. Then taking what I’ve gotten from them, interpreting it, and performing it in an effective way.”

This riveting storyteller is also a vlogger with a respected and established reputation. He is an insider within the voiceover industry who interviews and connects with other top V.O. talent. Dane Reid Media’s past clients include Lockheed Martin, Walmart, Radio One, iHeart Media, and the Historic Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta, GA. Presently he is also the voice for the Pepsi campaign. Added to his credits, Reid toured one season as the announcer for the world-famous Harlem Globetrotters, in 2018.

Now is the time for the amplification of African-American voices and Dane Reid can give an authentic presence that will attract and captivate listeners. For more information on how Dane Reid Media can take your content from ordinary to extraordinary and attract diverse audiences, visit

About Dane Reid

As a full-time voiceover professional since 2004, Dane Reid has serviced a range of small and large companies. His natural talent has represented projects for Sears, Goodyear, Smirnoff, Sirius Satellite Radio, PBS, and more. His versatile voice emits character with undeniable texture. It’s strong, yet also smooth and professional. Like a chameleon, his voice can adapt to the target market and sound. From urban voiceovers, formal, Caucasian, authentic Caribbean to New York accented, Dane Reid does it all. His customized in-home studio utilizes professional equipment and isolation for a pristine sound and allows him to offer his clients a quick turnaround.

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