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Twitter Responds to NBC Scheduling a Trump Town Hall at the Same Time as Biden’s Town Hall on ABC

Originally, tonight would have been the second presidential debate between President Donald Trump and Democratic challenger and former Vice President Joe Biden. Due to Trump contracting the coronavirus, a virtual debate was planned. When Trump refused, the debate was canceled.

Biden’s team opted to do a town hall on ABC (Thursday, 8 p.m.) to replace the original debate. On Wednesday, Trump decided to hold a town hall of his own on rival station NBC at the same time as Biden’s event, making voters decide which town hall they wanted to witness.

This caused a virtual uproar as voters, television executives, politicians, and just about anyone with a voice has condemned NBC for giving into Trump’s ego to compete directly against Biden.

Twitter responded: #NBCBlackout and #NBCBoycott started to trend on the social media platform.