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Getting Students To Engage With Reading.

As many of us know to get teenagers to engage with reading with a real task. So instead of making it even more difficult and awkward use these activities proven to get them engaging with the content and with you as their educator or parent.

– Class Debate – Pick an issue or character from the story and have a debate. Be sure to set the ground rules first.

– Graphic Organizers – There’s a reading graphic organizer to help students practice just about any skill–compare/contrast, decision-making, cause and effect, problem/solution, summarizing, chronology, making predictions, for example.

– Construct a Test – Tell students to make a multiple choice quiz over a reading selection. Tell them to focus on higher level thought.

– Create a Crossword Puzzle – Read a book. Make a puzzle. This is a great reading review activity.

– Make a Movie Poster – This forces the students to make connections to their world. They are, for example, forced to picture the story’s characters in order to match them up with a modern day movie star.

– Create Poetry – Have them create a poem that expresses the feelings of the story based on the perspective of one of the main characters.

So as you see with teenagers the best thing to do is combine an activity that uses their imagination, comprehension and allows them to express themselves in a creative way.

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