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Barack Obama Films New ‘How To Vote’ Videos For 17 Different States

Barack Obama is doing his part to encourage Americans around the country to come out to the polls in November. This week, the former president released a new series of voting tutorials to 17 different states for the election as many states prepare for early voting.

“So much is at stake in this election, from getting the pandemic under control to building a fairer economy to taking on climate change to protecting our healthcare,” said Obama in the video posted on social media. “You can change our direction on every issue. That’s the power of your vote.”

According to The Hill, the states that will see the campaign include Florida, Texas, Virginia, Nebraska, Nevada, Colorado, Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Maine, Iowa, Minnesota, Ohio, North Carolina, Wisconsin, and New Hampshire. The new instructional videos will be tailored to each state where they are to premiere with more videos to be released at a later date.

“The 2020 election isn’t a few weeks away; it’s already here. Millions of Americans are already voting; make sure you stand up and join them,” Obama continues. “It’s going to be close. It could come down to a handful of voters just like you. So I’m asking you to bring this thing home. Leave no doubt. Vote early.”

This election has already proven that it will go down in history with over 6 million Americans said to have already cast their ballot as states open up for early voting and mail-in ballots, 10 times more than voted early during the 2016 election.