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Start Them On STEM In Preschool & Ensure Their Success. FREE PDF

How do you get preschoolers on the path to great success and achievement? Talk, Read and Sing about STEM! The following tips for parents, preschool teachers & providers.From birth, children are curious. You can build on that natural curiosity by developing their interest in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM).Use this FREE PDF on introducing STEM learning to preschoolers so you can create daily routines that build on skills and concepts in math and science.Click the link below to

Founder of "STEM From Dance" uses Beyonce’ songs & choreography to teach Black girls software programming & electrical engineering

At the STEM from Dance summer camp, called Girls Rise Up, Yamilée Toussaint Beach and other instructors teach software programming and electrical engineering principles along with choreography and dance. Yamilée Toussaint Beach is easily described as a polymath. Growing up on Long Island, she excelled in math and science in school, and after class dedicated herself to jazz, ballet, and modern dance. “Pursuing engineering was just as possible for me as becoming a dancer or a writer or anything in

How Adults Can Create A Lifetime Habit Of Reading!

Somewhere after “lose weight”, “stop procrastinating”, and “fall in love”, “read more” is one of the top goals that many people set for themselves. And rightly so: A good book can be hugely satisfying, can teach you about things beyond your daily horizons, and can create characters so vivid you feel as if you really know them.If reading is a habit you’d like to get into, there are a number of ways to cultivate it.First, realize that reading is highly enjoyable, if you have a good book. If you

National Society of Black Engineers at UCSB Provides Black S.T.E.M. Students “Encouragement” and “Knowledge”

NSBE-UCSB aims to encourage and help Black engineers and scientists “excel academically, succeed professionally, and positively impact the community.”UC Santa Barbara’s chapter of the National Society of Black Engineers provides a space for Black students studying science, technology, engineering and mathematics to convene and support one another.Founded in the 1970s, the National Society of Black Engineers at UCSB (NSBE-UCSB) is a student organization under the Mathematics, Engineering, Science

New Study by Woman Scientist In The Genomics of Africans Aid In The Health Of African-Americans

The field of pharmacogenomics — using a patient’s genome to predict how well they will respond to medication — is a hot area of medicine today. But, almost all data used in these predictions comes from people of European decent. Minoli Perera, PharmD, PhD, wants to change that. She is a pioneer in the area of pharmacogenomics in African-Americans and has some new discoveries to share. “Our genomics are based in Africa, and we’re really all African in our cores. And to really know about genomics,

Blue Collar STEM Skills Are In Big Demand Since High Schools Stopped Offering Programs

Blue-collar jobs in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) are changing the way we think about STEM. Dr. Victor McCrary, a member of the National Science Board (NSB), gave a game changing definition of blue-collar jobs in STEM while speaking to a panel on blue-collar STEM.“The NSB, the governing board of the National Science Foundation, cares about the STEM workforce, he said. “This includes ‘blue-collar STEM’ workers, or what the National Academies have termed the ‘Skilled Technical

Ask An Expert: What is STEM Education? A Way to Foster Innovation, Invention and Creativity, Says Associate Professor Cameron Denson

Click the image above to see the videoThis is part of the new monthly “Ask the Expert” series in which NC State College of Education faculty answer some of the most commonly asked questions about education. What is STEM education? For NC State College of Education Associate Professor Cameron Denson, STEM — science, technology, engineering and mathematics — education is a way for students to develop the problem solving skills required to create change in the world.He says STEM education requires

Many Adults Are Stopping Their Minds From Growing. Here’s How To Fix Your Mind To Continue To Grow!

The advantages of continuing education as an adult learner are numerous. By learning and perfecting new skills, you could advance your career, secure a new job, or even pursue your ambitions in a new field.But as adults, our motivation to continue education wanes. Not to mention, we have far more on our minds now than we did as children, teenagers, and students. Those simple rewards of the past are no longer relevant, and the mere thought of returning to academic practices of the past is

BLACK HISTORY MONTH 2020: 1963 March on Washington pushed for economic justice — not just freedom

Large crowds gather at the Lincoln Memorial to demonstrate for the civil rights movement in Washington, D.C., on August 28, 1963. (AP)It’s safe to say that many people in this country believe the leaders of the civil rights movement were the conceivers, organizers and deliverers of the historic Aug. 28, 1963, March on Washington. But that is simply not true.The conceivers, organizers and deliverers were black labor union leaders — most notably A. Philip Randolph, head of the pioneering

Celebrating Black History Month: 10 Prominent African American Life Science Leaders

In honor of Black History Month, A.I.C. Publications courtesy of BioSpace, chose to highlight 10 African American leaders in the life sciences, individuals who have prominent roles in the life sciences and biopharmaceutical industry.African Americans make up a disproportionately low percentage of leadership positions in the industry, as demonstrated by several recent studies, including a 2017 study by MassBio. A 2017 study by Nature Biotechnology found that African Americans made up 13% of the