Unveiling A Legacy

In literature, there are excessive negative images and destructive messages being marketed towards and about the African American community in the book publishing industry. These messages contribute to low self-esteem and negative self-image that disempowers many from achieving optimal community growth and development. A.I.C Publications was created as a social venture business to address these issues.

We focus on highlighting individual potential towards empowering the African American communities to engineer a social, political and economic sense for their success and upward mobility. We take real community problems and issues, presented in fiction, offer solutions for them while providing the positive end result of success.

Our literature will focus on adult nonfiction, young adult fiction, and children’s picture book stories. We highlight the unique and diverse experiences of Blacks in America. We intend to promote positive advancement and achieve an increased literacy rate.

AIC Publications

The National Council for Education Statistics 2011 study listed 51% of all Black fourth graders as reading below basic proficiency levels. A.I.C Publications seeks to improve these figures. This will be achieved by providing characters and subject matters relevant to the current realities these children face daily. This will increase the desire to read in both children and their parents.

We will use our nonfiction to relate educational facts designed to prepare African Americans for the rapidly changing global demographics.
African American consumers annually spend upwards of $300 million on books alone. According to the National Endowment for the Arts, there are 9 million African American readers. The average adult fiction paperback costs $15.63. This translates to 2 books purchased per African American reader each year.

We feel this number would be higher if there were books offering more positive images that more accurately reflect the vast diversity and cultural experiences of our market.

We seek to help our audience:

  • Attain the knowledge,
  • Innovate for success,
  • Command their future.