National Society of Black Engineers at UCSB Provides Black S.T.E.M. Students “Encouragement” and “Knowledge”

NSBE-UCSB aims to encourage and help Black engineers and scientists “excel academically, succeed professionally, and positively impact the community.”UC Santa Barbara’s chapter of the National Society of Black Engineers provides a space for Black students studying science, technology, engineering and mathematics to convene and support one another.Founded in the 1970s, the National Society of Black Engineers at UCSB (NSBE-UCSB) is a student organization under the Mathematics, Engineering, Science

New Study by Woman Scientist In The Genomics of Africans Aid In The Health Of African-Americans

The field of pharmacogenomics — using a patient’s genome to predict how well they will respond to medication — is a hot area of medicine today. But, almost all data used in these predictions comes from people of European decent. Minoli Perera, PharmD, PhD, wants to change that. She is a pioneer in the area of pharmacogenomics in African-Americans and has some new discoveries to share. “Our genomics are based in Africa, and we’re really all African in our cores. And to really know about genomics,